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Jose Paris at MOVE 2022

Jose Paris

Hey there! I’ve been on quite the journey with over 20 years dedicated to Advanced Mobility. Originally from Spain, Audi AG and some scholarships helped me jump into the world of car design. My career led me to create concept vehicles for GM and Ford, ultimately heading Ford's advanced studio in London, focusing on innovative vehicles and business models.

A decade in California sparked my interest in entrepreneurship, leading me to start three mobility-related companies: zumocharge (EV-charging as a service), watt-r (low-cost infrastructure on wheels) & itMoves (EV carsharing). Along the way, I connected with the iPod team, which I joined as European Programme Director. I reconnected with them again last year at Streetscope, a traffic-safety SaaS company where I wear many hats as Head of Operations (except the Python-writing one).

I hold a BS in Transportation Design from ACCD (Pasadena, CA) and an MBA from Imperial College (London).

Outside of the (remote) office and family-time with wife and kids, you'll catch me buried in a good book, adding to my photo-of-the-day collection in London, picking up no-code skills, or gearing up for my second marathon.

A note about ownership. All work displayed below is my own. This includes sketches, CAD models, renderings and animations, prototypes, mockups, apps, slide decks, videos, and, more generally, business and design concepts and ideas — Exceptions are the full-scale running concept vehicles displayed (Motive, as well as Ford SynUs, Model U and MA). — Gaps in the design section coincide with more than ten years of corporate work, where most work remains confidential.


2019-2022 ➔ ZUMOCHARGE

We Charge EVs While the City Sleeps

B2C service to help current and future drivers charge their electric vehicles even if they don’t have access to a driveway. That’s up to 1.2 million cars in London alone.  Charging at night means traffic is low and the grid is cleaner.

zumocharge problem slide
zumocharge solution slide
zumocharge product slide
zumocharge market slide
2019-2022 ➔ watt-r

Flatpack Water & Energy on Wheels

Infrastructure-in-a-box for the Bottom of the Pyramid. Flatpack solar powered $1,000 cart for water entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. More than 600 million people (still) have no reliable access to clean drinking water.

Watt-r early conceptual sketch
Watt-r prototype
Watt-r scale model
Watt-r in action in Kenya
Watt-r prototype
Watt-r 3D printed parts
2009-2011 ➔ itMoves


Ultra efficient, safe, single-seat electric vehicle tailored to urban car-sharing operators, where low operational costs are key. Low-cost local manufacturing. Runner-up at the California Cleantech Open business competition (transport category). A bit ahead of its time?

itMoves ME iconic door
itMoves ME efficient package
itMoves ME with WE solar system
itMoves ME in LA
itMoves ME scale model
itMoves ME package buck


2018-2020 ➔ aipod/gmd


Innovate UK supported program, partnering with GMD & Delta, rescued from the ashes of AV platform startup  aiPod. AV-ready L7 EV platform for Mobility-as-a-Service providers. City-friendly, safe, ultra spacious single seat interior, ready for autonomy. World reveal at MOVE2020 London.

MOTIV early conceptual sketch
MOTIV rendering
MOTIV early conceptual rendering
MOTIV prototype
MOTIV rendering
MOTIV early conceptual rendering
MOTIV rendering
pre 2017

Early Design Work

Before entrepreneurship and the need to change the world (ahh!) there was only car design, an obsession since childhood. Achieving my dream was not easy (we are talking mid 90s here) but some people and institutions believed in me, and gave me the opportunity.

Jose Paris in earlier, younger days
Ford MA Concept at MOCA, Los Angeles
Ford Syn-us exterior
Ford Model U interior
2023 ➔ today

Just for Fun

Automated, personalised horoscope generator using ChatGTP along with several online automating tools. Fun to build back in 2022, less of a novelty today.

Give it a try HERE

HAVEAGOOd.ai screenshot

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